A specialized cell performs specific roles that are different for each specialized cell and has different jobs, and this detailed work makes them different from other cells, and these special attributes let them do their job. There are different types of cells where some make tissues, others perform the very specialized task and see that the body's working is smooth. Specialised cell examples are like muscle cells that help us to pull the muscles.

List Of Specialised Cells:

There are many specialized cells in the human body. They are building blocks of various organs leading to the organ system. While some of the cells perform day-to-day activities, some of them do a special task.


Nerve cells are specialized cells that transfer signals from the brain to the various part of the body. They are good for this function as they have a thin layer, can be as long as 1 meter, and connect the upper body to the lower body. Nerve cells have branches in their upper part to connect one nerve cell to another. A fatty sheath around them helps the message to travel faster.


Red blood cells circulate the oxygen in the body. They can do this function smoothly as they have no nucleus, so more space for oxygen. The shape is like a flat disc so that more surface area for the absorption of the blood. It contains haemoglobin which carries oxygen molecules.


  • Ciliated cells are found in the trachea and the bronchi. They are shaped like columns and cilia at the edges whose movement keeps the air clean.
  • Basal cell is small and cuboidal, and they differentiate themselves when there is damage in airway passage to build the epithelial cell layer.
  • Goblet cell is shaped like a columnar wine goblet, that secretes the mucus to trap pathogens and debris and helps to keep the respiratory system clean.


  • Cardiac muscle cells are in the branched form and are joined to each other to make a net-like structure. They are very active and never stop functioning.
  • Skeletal muscles are attached to the bones to make the contraction easily and help in the joints' movement.
  • The smooth muscle cell is the thin cell that makes the stomach lining, and such organs can also be in bundle or ring shape.


This specialized cell is reasonably necessary, unlike other cells. It helps in the reproduction of its mobile cell and moves to one place to find the egg for fertilization. It has mitochondria, which give it energy for movement and survival.

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