As businesses are starting to open in many states in the United States, more people are venturing out of their homes. Errands and appointments like buying groceries and getting medical treatments or consultations, you’ll need to follow the basic protocol implemented in your city or state. Safety measures such as social distancing and wearing of face masks are mandated and need to be followed. Since then, the demand for face masks skyrocketed so many wholesale face masks made in the USA had to fulfil this need.

Here are the top two qualities of a good face mask that wholesale face masks made in the USA often watch out for:

  1. Filter: The filter must be able to block particles, especially the ones that may contain a virus, from being inhaled or exhaled. This should limit the chances of getting infected and getting sick. To promote comfort, wholesale face masks made in the USA have to be breathable so you to go about your day feeling less stuffy or breathless.
  2. Fit: Wearing a face mask with a snug fit helps you breathe better while providing protection from viruses that may exist in the air. A snug mask should cover your nose down to your chin and on the sides. See that there are no gaps so that small respiratory particles cannot enter.

On the whole, face masks serve as your primary defense against ingesting viruses like the Covid-19 virus. Knowing the good qualities of wholesale face masks made in the USA should help you determine what you should buy for your regular supply. Trusted suppliers like Eagle Fabrics can help you get the right face mask so you don’t run out of it at all. For orders, call us today.