To lay the foundation of a successful career in engineering, leadership plays an important role in the development of an individual. Leadership is that skill that is necessary to assume higher levels of responsibility in the engineering world. Many different disciplines of engineering stream and technical specialties are required to achieve the desired results and ensure a satisfactory level of reliability which comes with the skill set of leadership. To bring all these different specialties together and keep them aligned with the same goal, engineering projects need some multinational companies to offer leadership to the students. Developing leadership skills is an important tool for the engineering professionals which adds value to the projects they worked upon during their academics; they work during their jobs and moreover, leadership skills can position engineers for career advancement, allowing them to assume supervisory roles and increased decision-making authority. Amritsar Group of Colleges is one of the best engineering colleges in Punjab which focuses on equipping its students with all the skill sets of leadership representing the different disciplines and areas of professional focus. AGC believes that part of the leader’s job is guiding and motivating these diverse employees, ensuring that all individuals achieve at the highest level of
their ability. Engineering leaders not only nurture the individuals’ talents and abilities but also play an important role in creating team cohesion and unity. Leaders may set goals and remind their team members of those goals. Leaders also clarify expectations and hold team members accountable. Being the top engineering college in Amritsar, AGC cultivates several essential skills and professional traits in college students. The college encourages its students to
establish long-term development goals and help them conceptualize a plan for attaining them. Moreover, Entrepreneurship is increasingly recognized as an important driver of the economic growth of the country and the skill of leadership works with that. With the skill set of leadership and management, AGC helps in developing and strengthening the entrepreneurial qualities among the students for their own ventures. The College is committed to providing infrastructure, technical support, guidance, mentoring to the students for innovative products and services for the welfare of the society and the nation. The college organizes several programs which boost up the confidence of the students and prepare them to achieve success with conviction and maturity.