QuickBooks database server manager is the component which turns on the hosting and it bridges the workstations to communicate with the company file. There may be circumstances where QuickBooks Unable to Connect to the remote server and usually this happens when workstations is not able access the company file.

What are the prominent causes for the issue – “QuickBooks unable to connect to remote server”?

1. There might be some issues with the QuickBooks file hosting or permissions.
2. QuickBooks database server manager might not be working on the server.
3. setup of the QuickBooks server.
4. Local area networks might not be active.
5. There might be a halt in the Quickbooks server connection.
6. A third party firewall can also result in QuickBooks unable to connect to the QuickBooks server.
7. The QuickBooks version being used might be outdated.

What are the ways to fix ‘Quickbooks unable to connect to the server’ issue?

Solution 1: By updating the QuickBooks to the latest version.
Solution 2: By checking the settings in the webmail preferences.
Solution 3: By renaming the .ND(Network Data)file.
Solution 4: Organizing QuickBooks database server manager.
Solution 5: Validating the QuickBooks desktop file hosting
Solution 6: Resetting internet settings to default.

Well, these basic troubleshooting would definitely help you to fix the issue -QuickBooks unable to connect to remote server. If you feel that the issue still persists and QuickBooks is still unable to connect to the remote server, you can reach out to QuickBooks enterprises support at 1-888-485-0289 and our team of experts will be happy to assist you.