Conceived as a place to make identified scientific and creative knowledge, the town of arts and sciences has five principal areas - L'HEMISFERIC - A half sphere surrounded by some huge steel "eyelashes" and that is replicated through their reflection in the magnificent share that encompasses it. With a semicircular monitor of 900 metres square, wherever three-dimensional films in the Imax format are expected, this developing tries to teach people in the topics which are typically the province of scientists reformas valencia.

THE REINA SOFIA PALACE OF ARTS - This is actually the gem of the town of arts and sciences, with 40,000 metres sq spread around three auditoriums specialized in chrome, party, cinema and audio in general. Like a big symbolic sculpture, its nautical form is really a comparison between the opaque and the transparent, offering increase to thoughts that modify once we move. This building produced by Santiago Calatrave is full of architectural surprises, a place that according to their author, tries to "take persons in to a circular position therefore that they'll move music" ;.

THE PRINCIPE FELIPE SCIENCE MUSEUM - The educational strategy inherent in the complicated, sees its greatest phrase here. In a hub that seeks to synthesise the articles of the 17 museums of this kind of Spain. It is a metal, glass and cement structure that plays with gentle, making the feeling of seeing the skeleton of a good white dinosaur. Modernity and Engineering are mixed at the company of a museum of the future, a location wherever the customer ceases to become a pure spectator and is converted into an fun aspect in that new method of knowledge science.

L'UMBRACLE - That large protected key promenade of sculptured steel, wonderfully satisfying to a person's eye, is really a walkway of different trees and crops which merge with the concrete and steel of its modern settings. A truly serene place to pontificate about life.L'OCEANOGRAFIC - This can be a new type of aquarium, an underwater city of 80,000 sq metres that makes it possible to find the gifts of the eight seas. Created by the late architect Felix Candela, the oceanographic park is recognized as the greatest in Europe in the number and variety of its pet species and one of many worlds greatest in level of water.