Google IO 2016 Recap

The tech community was waiting with bated breath ahead of this year s Google I/O event, but I don t think anyone expected it to be quite as action-packed as it was.

It will also let you control connected devices within the home, and you ll be able to cast content with the speaker as well.

Duo also switches seamlessly between cellular and Wi-Fi connections, and it manages video and audio in real-time to adjust quality on the fly when available bandwidth increases or decreases.

Performance and graphics improvements are a big part of Android N, which is extremely important when you consider how much smoother iOS still is despite all of the multi-core processors and gobs of RAM on leading Android phones.

Moving on to the app switcher screen, Android will automatically remove apps from the UI when it determines the app is no longer needed.

Unicode 9 emoji will also be supported in Android N, complete with support for all skin tones.

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