Update: The Google IO liveblog keynote is being updated continually as the two-hour press conference rolls on.

11:50 AM: Sundar is back on stage talking about deep learning and machine learning, and focusing on advancements like curing diseases.

Google is making web development through Android Studio smarter and faster, going as far as writing some of the code.

11:30 AM: Google is now shifting to Chrome with over 1 billion active users every month, and its touting its accelerated mobile pages, saying these pages load almost instantly.

10:00 AM: Google IO has started with music, but not just any music - it looks to be music played through Project Jacquard, which put all sorts of sensors in clothing thank to Google's ATAP division.

Here are your humble hosts for this Google IO liveblog, Global Editor-in-Chief Darren Murph, and Senior Mobile Editor, Matt Swider.

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