Credit: Melissa Riofrio

It may have taken nearly five years, but it s finally official: Chromebooks are no joke.

More Google-powered laptops shipped than Macs in the U.S. during the first three months of 2016, IDC market analyst Linn Huang recently told The Verge.

If Mac sales continue to decline, Chromebooks may beat out OS X-powered machines in future quarters as well, but that s not a bet I d put money on anytime soon.

Chromebooks are still a young person s game

The other issue is that Chromebooks are not getting the bulk of their sales from consumers heading to Best Buy or ordering laptops from the Google Store.

Instead, as Huang told The Verge, Chromebooks are still largely a U.S. K-12 story.

Windows 10 laptops, meanwhile, are comparatively complex and prone to more problems than Google-powered laptops.

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