Dojo Madness has raised $4.5 million to launch LOLSumo, a real-time coach that helps League of Legends gamers improve their esports skills.Berlin-based Dojo Madness wants to exploit machine learning to help provide actionable analytics and other tips for esports fans.

The round was led by March Capital Partners, with the Investment Bank of Berlin IBB , and existing investors London Venture Partners and DN Capital.The company has has created a set of tools that harness the power of the latest innovations in machine learning to help gamers improve their skills.

Dojo Madness  first product, LOLSumo is a real-time coach for League of Legends.

The app has been downloaded more than 500,000 times since its launch last September, and the app delivers insights for 70,000 daily active users.LoLSumo suggests the best build and provides users with hints and tips specific to that champion as well as his or her chosen mastery/summoner spell combinations.

For instance in the attached screenshot, you will see a hint specific to the champion Jhin which outlines his Deadly Flourish ability.After each game LoLSumo provides the user with a performance badge based on global averages vs his or her current rank and highlights specific performance metrics from within the game.

Creep Score, Kill/Death/Assist Ratio, Wards placed, Damage Dealt to Champions and Gold Per Minute are some example metrics.The new funding round will be used to expand Dojo s coaching apps to other esports titles, as well as to expand into new data services in esports.

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