Your kitchen knife is quite literally the sharpest tool in your culinary shed, so you should know how to care for and use it.

From proper maintenance, cleaning, and using fancy French cutting techniques, this HowStuffWorks video will help sharpen your knife handling skills.

And remember, a dull knife is far more dangerous than a sharp knife because of its likelihood to slip and—oops—take a chunk off your poor finger.

I m embarrassed to admit that I ve definitely had a few close calls with dull knives while cutting up potatoes, so this is one maintenance skill to pay extra attention to.

And finally, to add to your conventional dicing, cutting, and mincing skills, you ll learn how to cut neat ribbons from leafy vegetables or herbs, carve little sticks out of carrots or zucchinis, and pare oblong vegetables into seven-sided, football-ish shapes—called chiffonade, battonet, and tourneé techniques, respectively.

3 Knife Skills HowStuffWorks

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