series, described his take on Pym to me this way in an interview three years ago:

In the past — not always, but definitely sometimes — Hank Pym s mental illness has been treated like a cold, or a super villian.

You focus on managing your condition, you work hard to live a life as normally as possible, and understand that it s not going to be as easy as it is for the people around you.

Driven by guilt and responsibility in Avengers: Rage of Ultron, Pym became fused with the malevolent AI he created and the story ended with the psychologically confused man-machine fusion made flying off into space.

More specifically, he s a cyborg that wears Ultron and wields the robot s abilities.

Naturally, this is a concern for the Avengers Unity Squad:

Pym and Ultron are more interconnected than ever before.

There s almost certainly going to be a struggle for psychological and physiological supremacy between flesh and silicon in the coming months.

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