The new newsletter hub, founder and CEO Jonathan Abrams told me, offers a rapid newsletter-building tool through which authors can select recommended content from your or your friends Nuzzel news feeds, plus they can add stories from other sources and some commentary.

To build a subscription list, creators can import contacts from such sources as a Gmail or LinkedIn account, or from an Excel CSV file, after which invitations are sent out.

In its announcement, Nuzzel pointed to a McKinsey & Company report that email newsletters receive as much as 40 times the engagement of Facebook posts or Twitter tweets.

Some newsletters can grow large subscriber lists, like news summary theSkimm, with more than 1.5 million readers, or actress/author Lena Dunham and director/writer Jenni Konner s Lenny Letter, with 400,000.

At launch, this network of newsletters won t actually offer any network effects, Abrams said, as those will be added when a critical mass of titles develops.

The new hub is primarily intended as a tool for people to promote themselves, he said, such as influencers, business people or journalists.

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