Cloud-based platforms are making it easier for firms to find the people they need from a global talent pool, and for freelancers to advertise their skills.

She picks up around four to 10 jobs a month via 90 Seconds, a cloud-based video production platform with a network of over 5,000 freelancers in 70 countries.

"With millions of experts from all around the world, people can get help with their business within minutes of posting a project," says Matt Barrie, chief executive of Sydney-based, whose clients include Nasa. also offers a Local Jobs service which it describes as "Uber for local jobs", allowing companies to find freelancers within a 30-mile 50km radius, and not just for the typical online work involved in the gig economy, but for location-based tasks, such as deliveries.

"You need to be thoughtful as to where and how you share high-risk data."

Growing market

Such concerns aside, the gig economy is clearly booming and set for rapid growth.

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