Selfies used to be so simple.

Point a camera at yourself, pout and then shoot.

Think groupies, belfies, drelfies and even shelfies.

With a rise in terms comes confusion, prompting British cosmetic company MyBreast to break them down in this handy infographic:

The company said it had explored the evolution of the selfie with the same vigor and intrigue as Darwin did with species.

We are interested in the ways in which people present themselves and so decided to delve into the different types of selfies that have evolved and how popular each one is on Instagram, a MyBreast spokesman told The Huffington Post via email.

What we found was both intriguing and very amusing, having never come across some of the more niche forms, he added, saying it was also a good opportunity to warn of some of the risks that can come with trying to take a dangerous selfie to impress friends.

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