Sure, Samsung got there first with Touchwiz, and Apple s got it on iOS, but it s great that Google has finally caught up - and even overtaken Apple in some ways.

The Recents button is also now called Overview, as you can now tap it to toggle between all your open apps.

Now, Doze kicks in whenever the screen is switched off - not just when it s off and the phone is sat still, like it would be at night.

A new data saver toggle reduces the amount of data your apps use, and can signal them to use less data wherever possible .

You can add a splash of colour with 13 preset themes, but there s no colour palette to make your own choices.

We won't know whether the big focus on virtual reality pays off until Daydream-ready phones start shipping, but otherwise it looks like Android fans are on to a winner when the update arrives for their phones.

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