Photo: Microsoft

Windows 10, focused on the promotion of the software company can remember still those who choose Windows 7.

Microsoft said kokoomapäivityksen publishes a large number of Windows 7.

It is not the actual service pack, but it includes all the security updates and other stability and improve the usability upgrades ago SP1 release in 2011.

Update is not a joy to those who have kept the Windows 7 NSA up to date.

But it makes it easier plenty of the old operating system installations, which until now have been rife with numerous restarts and updates Teutons.

To install the update requires the April 2015 edition of the update KB3020369-driving first.

At the same time, Microsoft will begin to offer along with their regular monthly security updates also unrelated to data security summary of updates to the Windows 7 SP1, and 8.1 for the other hand, that the updates would be published as single pieces.

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