In fact the intelligence assistance market has been on a tear since 2010 – the year Apple bought Siri for $200 million.Viv is the brainchild of Dag Kittlaus, who as CEO and cofounder of Viv Labs has re-assembled his former company s leadership including Adam Cheyer and Chris Brigham, who reprise the respective VP of Engineering and Chief Architect roles they held at Siri.Viv Labs isn t blind to the looming competition.

Now, gaining the same ubiquity may prove to be Viv s biggest challenge, and it just might need help from an Amazon or Apple again .You can construct the best intelligent assistant in the world, but if it s not easily available to users, it won t became pervasive.

Just look at how Amazon has blasted Alexa out of the gates, thanks to its established brand, offering SDKs for developers to add skills to Alexa s library and to integrate Alexa into their products, and financially backing companies through its $100 million Alexa Fund.

It also drove a number of the Siri team—Kittlaus among them—to start up Viv Labs.

What Viv has spent a lot of time and money on is perfecting this third-party ecosystem, said Kittlaus.

Kittlaus stated after his demo that there had already been acquisition offers for Viv, but that he turned them down—perhaps to save Viv from Siri s single platform fate, and to have a shot at true ubiquity.Here s Kittlaus s demo of Viv:

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