Speaking at the fan event, Abrams noted that Star Trek Beyond s director, Justin Lin, was outraged at the legal situation that had arisen: Justin was sort of outraged by this as a longtime fan.

We ve been holding our breaths waiting for the other shoe to drop when it comes to all the other films.

That said, the lawsuit has left a chilled environment for the Star Trek fan film community.

Donating money to fund a production is more of a gamble than it was before.

Axanar released a statement regarding the news:

While we re grateful to receive the public support of JJ Abrams and Justin Lin, as the lawsuit remains pending, we want to make sure we go through all the proper steps to make sure all matters are settled with CBS and Paramount.

Our goal from the beginning of this legal matter has been to address the concerns of the plaintiffs in a way that still allows us to tell the story of AXANAR and meets the expectations of the over 10,000 fans who financially supported our project.

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