Next week he and his co-founder, 37-year-old Oliver Beddows, will launch their company, Lisk.And Lisk is such an exciting idea that during their 30-day crowdfunding campaign, nearly 4,000 people chipped in a total of $6 million in bitcoin to fund their seed round, Kordek tells Business Insider.Lisk is two things: a new kind of app store, and a a new form of internet money, similar to Bitcoin.

Lisk will take a fraction of each financial transaction that takes place.For instance, if a developer builds an app that lets coffee shops sell cups of coffee by subscription, every time a customer uses the app and money changes hands, Lisk takes a tiny fraction of the Lisk coin that changes hands.A new kind of internet coinSecond, Lisk is a new kind of internet money, similar to Bitcoin.

Our own network, with our own cryptocurrency, you have to wait 10 seconds," he says.In fact, its crowdfunding campaign sold off the first batch of Lisk coins.Kordek believes that many of the people that invested were less interested in the app store, and just "speculating on" the price of the new coin, he says.

It's crazy," Kordek says.Since Crypti was releasing all of its code as open source software, Kordek and Beddows took many parts of the Crypti's code as a basis for Lisk.

Its founders said they supported Lisk and would soon be turning the project over to its community of users to use and update as they pleased.Their history caused another odd situation.

We thought about creating an office in Berlin but he has a wife and I have family as well, so we decided to stay decentralized in the spirit of our network," Kordek says.The history of Crypti demonstrates that Lisk, as a company, is still a long shot.But this idea that the next generation app store will be built on blockchain, whether by Lisk or someone else, seems increasingly likely.

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