Let s consider this question in detail by exploring the specific aspects of online platform creation.

However, this clearly illustrates the shift of investor interest in the sector and the need for alternative lending to compete with other classes of higher-yielding assets.

Unfortunately, because of the novelty of the alternative lending industry, not all the players see the difference between junk bonds and loans issued by Prosper, which have an underlying average FICO score of more than 700.

Even if it is successful, it will hardly be big enough to set up a multi-billion dollar company.

When the interest rate ceases to be sufficiently high, or when the majority of people in the economy can easily obtain a bank loan e. g. in Germany , alternative lending ceases to grow rapidly.

There are many companies like that, for example: Orchard, DV01, Monja, PeerIQ and Blackmoon; they all represent different solutions, each of them being interesting in their own way.

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