Agreement on Panasonic's involvement in Gigafactory was signed July 31, 2014. Photographer: Panasonic

To Tesla will meet the high demand for the Model 3, Panasonic is ready to bring forward investments in the common battery factory Gigafactory.

According to a previous agreement between the companies to the Panasonic stand for $ 1.6 billion of the total investment of 5 billion in Gigafactory, the large plant in Nevada that will provide Tesla's electric cars with batteries.

Now, says Panasonic's responsible for automotive and industrial systems, Yoshio Ito, told Reuters that they will do their best to change the schedule if the question comes.

Greater production capacity at Gigafactory considered necessary to cope with the huge demand for the Model 3 and the target to reach an annual capacity of half a million cars in 2018, which is two years earlier than previous estimates.

Yoshio Ito would not comment on the Panasonic believes that this goal is possible, but says to Reuters that the company does not want to be a bottleneck in Tesla's ambitions to increase the rate of production of electric cars.

The company is also ready to buy up companies specializing in technology solutions for infotainment systems and automatic driving, areas where Panasonic has not himself systems.

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