You re probably used to getting turn-by-turn directions to your next destination with Google Maps, but there s also a pretty-well-hidden Driving Mode just for... well, driving.

It alerts you to traffic problems, directs you to nearby petrol pumps and shops, and is useful for those times when you already know your route or don t even have a destination in mind.

Google launched Driving Mode earlier this year for Android but it s kind of tricky to find: in Google Maps, choose Start driving from the app menu or make use of the 1x1 widget under Maps .

If it s close to commute time, you ll see ETAs to your home or work if you ve added them to Maps .

Again, these results stay on screen until you dismiss them, so if you re circling around looking for a place to eat then the results keep updating as you move.

For those times when you know where you re going but still want traffic updates, Driving Mode is helpful; it s also useful when you re touring around an area without any particular destination in mind.

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