An artist's impression of the full size reuseable rocket

India has tested an unmanned, small-scale, space shuttle as part of its plans to create a reusable rocket.

The 7 metre scale model rocket "successfully" flew 65km 40 miles into the air before it came down at sea, officials at the Indian Space Research Organisation ISRO said.

On re-entry through the Earth's atmosphere the vehicle reached Mach 5, five times the speed of sound, before it landed at sea.

The mission was the first test flight of a "winged body aerospace vehicle" that the country hopes will provide data for its bid to create a reusable rocket.

The 1.75 tonne model was created over the last five years and cost 1 billion rupees £9.6 million .

Reusable rockets for space missions are being developed by a number of companies.

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