British Salesforce customers have been disproportionately hit by a price hike of the cloudy business' enterprise CRM system.

The price for its Lightning Enterprise Edition software in the US increased by 20 per cent to $150 £103 per month, while in Blighty prices rose 41 per cent to £120.

One customer got in touch with The Register to say that Salesforce has been keen to stress the new product contains more features "which is fair enough to a point but nothing mentions anything about a disproportionate UK price increase."

Last week the 17-year-old loss-making biz bounced back into the black for the first three months of 2016, its first quarter of fiscal year 2017, reporting net income of $38m £26m .

Revenue rose 26.8 per cent to $1.91bn £819m .

Service Cloud Lightning empowers your agents to make your customers love you, and Field Service Lightning expands this power to your field service technicians."

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