That's the message I got from Steve Pogorzelski, CEO of Avention, the Massachusetts-based business intelligence and sales enablement platform formerly OneSource .

That recently released survey, "Account Based Marketing: The Art of the Start," revealed, said Pogorzelski, that "86 percent of respondents thought ABM was here to stay, and would help with customer acquisition and retention."

For example:

Almost half of respondents were either not practicing ABM, or had not progressed beyond planning pilots in the next 6-12 months.

The results were derived from two surveys of 100-plus executives and managers across a variety of verticals.

For Avention, of course, that source should be their DataVision solution which surfaces and centralizes real-time insights drawn from a global set of websites and news sources, including social media.

"We broaden the ability to go after customers and prospects," Pogorzelski said.

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