Fairing separation: The artist's impression.

Pic: ESA / Pierre Carril

Europe's home-grown Galileo satnav system will take another step towards a full constellation tomorrow when satellites 13 and 14 head heavenwards from Kourou in French Guiana.

ESA recently fired up Galileos 11 and 12, and said of when we can expect to enjoy metre-accurate satnav: "Initial services will be made available by the end of 2016.

Then as the constellation is built-up beyond that, new services will be tested and made available, with system completion scheduled for 2020."

There's more on the system's current status in this Galileo 13/14 overview vid:

This autumn, ESA will attempt to lift the next four Galileos in one hit using a customised Ariane 5 ES.

Ultimately, there will be 24 operational satellites, with six in-orbit spares.

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