Hitachi says IoT unit and background in industry, along with its Lumada software platform, can make it a smart city leader

Hitachi is a household name for its consumer electronics, but the Japanese giant has a significant IT unit and is now looking towards the Internet of Things to strengthen its B2B operations.

Earlier this month, it formed the Hitachi Insights Group HIG , as an umbrella for its existing IoT efforts.

Currently covering areas from transport to heavy industry to healthcare, Hitachi s IoT work generated £3.7 billion in 2015 alone, and the launch of HIG will help the company better run and roll out its connected solutions, according to Hans Lindeman, an executive at HIG s European arm.

We don t want to just offer an off the shelf solution, he says, noting that HIG will be the tip of the spear in the company s effort to gain lucrative market share.

With its background in what Lindeman calls operational technology, industrial IoT, and with it, smart cities, is to play a large part of this activity moving forward, as Hitachi shows off its expertise in a range of areas.

As part of this launch, HIG is developing two applications to show the power of having this data available, one of which helps citizens in the region to track their transportation usage over time and understand the carbon footprint of their travel; and another which allows both households and businesses to see how much energy they use.

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