A system that monitors swearing and general fury on parts of the internet could lead to lower chocolate prices in Australia, as the makers of the Snickers sugar lump have started dropping the price as people get madder.

They're using a thing someone thought to call the Hungerithm, a method of monitoring social media posts and translating the frequency of swear words, sad face emoticons and whines at major corporations into a hunger index -- one that generates a promotional bar code with a higher value when internet anger is high, letting users print it out and save a few pence off the price some chocolate.

It's basically just an advert for sweets tied into the internet and the modern day hobby of being literally furious about the tiniest of things all of the time, albeit one with a tangible benefit for fans of the dense nutty treat.

And are happy to be on the internet all day and suffer the misery of turning on the printer and trying to make the sodding thing work if it means saving 15p.

Hungerithm via Mashable

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