Netflix is in the midst of a big transition.While Netflix gained much of its past dominance in the streaming space by letting you binge-watch reruns of old shows and movies, the company has increasingly pivoted toward its own original content.

That isn t new for Netflix, which has constantly reinvented itself since it debuted its DVD-by-mail service in 1998.Netflix executives have said, on many occasions, that they believe original and exclusive TV shows and movies are the best way to provide value to its subscribers moving forward.

In a recent survey, 49% of Netflix subscribers thought Netflix s content had improved over the last year further breaking that number down, 30% said it had greatly or moderately improved with the remainder answering "slightly improved" .

The rest of the surveyed subscribers thought the quality of Netflix's content had "stayed the same.

RBC says it expects original content to be more impactful moving forward.That s what Netflix is betting on.

Last fall, Netflix CFO David Wells said the company had found originals to be much more impactful relative to licensing, and the company has jumped headfirst into this area.NOW WATCH: The defense attorneys from 'Making a Murderer' respond to criticism from Steven Avery s new lawyerLoading video...

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