For many years, the Federal Trade Commission has protected Americans on the internet with clear standards and strong enforcement against any unfair or deceptive practices online.

And this is particularly dangerous for people of color who must be vigilant to ensure that the discrimination and redlining so common in the brick and mortar world does not infect the internet or deny our communities of equal opportunities online.

Yet dangerously, the proposed FCC rules appear cavalierly unconcerned with these risks, and in fact would make them worse.

Mass consumer confusion created by government bureaucrats won t protect privacy; it will make consumers simply give up — another damning case of the law of unintended consequences where rules intended to give more protection gum up the works so badly that they end up offering less.

By the end of this year 70 percent of internet data will be encrypted and completely unreadable by broadband companies that carry it.

Websites and applications like Facebook, Google, and Amazon on the other hand have free rein because they are inside the encryption wall and want to know what you are doing and saying to answer your searches or sell you the right products.

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