Today, the Austin, Texas-based company is releasing Page Performance, which it describes as the first managed WordPress platform to offer a web page speed performance tool integrated into the user dashboard.

Its mission: monitor how long it takes for pages and all content to load, determine if there are issues relating to site speed and make recommendations for improvements.

The report includes cacheability, render start, visitor complete and render complete, as well as access to raw data and a breakdown of domains.

Here s a sample recommendations screen:

Before the launch of Page Performance, CTO Jason Cohen told me, WP Engine did not offer such a tool, as it recommended one of the popular external ones, like Yahoo s YSlow, Google s PageSpeed, or

But those tools, he noted, weren t specific to WordPress s approach to, say, loading multiple CSS files or structuring JavaScript.

WP Engine says it serves 47,000 customers and agency partners in 133 countries and sees about 150 million unique visits daily.

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