Twitch chief executive Emmett Shear has issued a set of values about being inclusive at the livestreaming company.The timing of the document, which is not being shared publicly in a release, comes at a time after Twitch faced a lot of bad publicity around racist slurs hurled at a star player of Blizzard s Hearthstone game during a livestreamed event.The values, however, are not just about being an inclusive company.

Rather, they focus on what makes Twitch unique and how it encourages its people to move fast, make their own decisions, and do what s right for the company.In the document, Shear said, These values exist to document and communicate how we work at Twitch, and more importantly how we want to work at Twitch.

They represent what we think is different, or even unique, to Twitch.

Shear encourages people to seek out different perspectives, saying, When you make decisions at Twitch, whether it s about community management or product design or recruiting or anything else, seek out perspectives that feel uncomfortably different, strive to understand them, and integrate your new understanding into your decision.

Then when you choose a partner to promote or hire a new team member, make sure you re choosing the best: We never compromise our values.

Here s the full description of Twitch values:

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