Sources tell Efrati that the company is building a voice-activated device powered through its virtual assistant, Siri, that could let people ask questions or complete activities like setting a timer.

At the same time, Apple is also reportedly preparing to start letting outside developers make their services available through Siri.

For example, imagine asking Siri to find you a restaurant, which it can already suggest via Yelp, but then also asking it to book a reservation, too, which might happen through OpenTable.

Sounds pretty similar to Viv, a new digital assistant service made by Siri's original creators which shines because of its ability to seamlessly integrate with a bunch of different services like Venmo,, and Uber.

This "conversation as a platform" format is all the rage in Silicon Valley right now, with Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and a slew of startups all rushing to find new ways to make it easier for users to connect to all the services they need through a single interface or chat.

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