Well, perhaps we spoke too soon.

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Specifically, the publication relays that Apple will finally offer official Siri APIs to developers, thus paving the way for third-party integrations, the kind that Amazon Echo users can t seem to get enough of.

There s a few integrations possible via HomeKit, like Philips Hue lightbulbs or Nest, but limiting the digital assistant solely to internet-connected devices was cramping Apple s style.

A preview at WWDC would pave the way very nicely for an appearance in the next version of iOS, which normally lands alongside the new iPhone in the fall.

As we highlighted just a few weeks ago, Viv — an AI platform created by former Siri employees — not only seemed to lap Siri functionality wise, but also showcased the benefit of allowing third-party developers to tap into an AI platform.

While the degree to which Apple allows developers to tap into Siri remains to be seen, perhaps we re not too far off from a time where we can finally order pizza, book restaurant tables, or really do more than check the weather with Siri.

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