The magazine reproduces an excerpt from the log on its website.

According to the flight 804 left the eleven "electronic messages", starting from 23:09 o'clock Wednesday, May 18th, about 3.5 hours before the plane disappeared from radar screens with 56 passengers and 10 crew members on board on the way from Paris to Cairo.

The third, which came in at 02:26, ​​showed that the temperature had risen at the copilot window.

The plane then continued to leave messages for three minutes before it disappeared, the newspaper said.

Earlier on Tuesday dismissed Hesham Abdel Hamid, head of the Egyptian forensic scientists, the information received about the findings of the small passages remains were would point to an explosion, according to the Egyptian state news agency MENA.

French authorities say the aircraft's equipment sent the warning signs of smoke detected on board before the crash.

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