Previously, MobileFuse co-founder and CEO Ken Harlan pointed out, his company allowed advertisers to buy space programmatically through its own platform, but it employed manually administered orders for selling inventory from its selected group of about 2,000 publishers, which include texting/calling app textPlus and media hosting site Photobucket.

By moving its operations to the AppNexus platform, he said, his premium supply network can now expose ad supply on a programmatic basis.

The only part of MobileFuse that is not moving to AppNexus, he said, is his company s Moments condition-based targeting.

The new setup, he said, also offers the ability for advertisers to more readily layer data sources for targeting, like Oracle s BlueKai.

He noted that the new arrangement also provides more mobile ad exposure for the AppNexus platform, whose strength has traditionally been in desktop.

MobileFuse says it serves about 100 million unique users monthly, with about 80 percent in-app and the rest on mobile web.

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