Jurors could use virtual reality to enter a crime scene

Using virtual reality VR technology jurors could soon be able to enter crime scenes.

"VR is going to be most social platform and we've created new teams at Facebook to build the next generation of social apps and VR," Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had earlier said.

The technology, which is expected to first make inroads in the video gaming industry, would go on to bring about major changes in the field of education, entertainment and retail.

Speaking to BBC, Caroline Sturdy Colls, associate professor for forensic said, "What we want to do is to come up with the best solution that helps the criminal justice system - help the police in their detection and recording of crime and then to help jurors in court to understand those crimes better that they ever did before."

"We don't have a very good track record with bringing technology into court rooms," said Jason Holt, a barrister at Steven Solicitors.

"We've recently gone on to a digital system within the Crown court and it's causing significant delays; the systems we're using break down, the technology isn't sufficient and we go back to pen and paper.

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