But both offer some interesting justifications for their existence: Since the $349 Xbox One is the lowest-priced living room product that Microsoft is currently selling, there s certainly room for lower-cost options.

Microsoft s shown that capability on conventional Intel Core-based PCs, though, which are far more powerful than the embedded processors found in media streaming sticks.

Sams, as well as Tom Warren at The Verge, speculate that a second, Roku-like device could also debut, providing the ability to play some UWP games from the Windows Store.

Besides PCs and the Xbox One, however, Microsoft offers no inexpensive way beyond picking up an older Xbox 360 to rent Microsoft-provided movies and TV shows—still, with a dearth of original content, consumers can easily find those shows anywhere else.

Comcast s X1 cable box has an amazingly accurate voice search capability, and the Roku 3 offers one as well.

Microsoft will hold its E3 press conference on June 13, where we ll finally find out what it has up its sleeve.

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