What a fine, fine fella.

If you don t know who Peter Thiel is, set your swoon-sockets to Stun, because Peter Thiel is the best—just an awesome, handsome, awesome guy—and we would never want to give the impression that we think otherwise.

Beyond that, he s 48 years old—though we re guessing that, with his looks, he still gets ID d now and then.

The party s theme was Omniscience, and the dress code was Plutocracy Casual.

Anyway, Chaka Khan—a great singer, though surely not as good a singer as Peter Thiel!—sang a version of her 1984 hit I Feel For You, and then changed the lyrics to I Thiel for you.

Peter Thiel loved it so much, he didn t secretly bankroll a lawsuit against Chaka Khan, nor did he secretly bankroll a lawsuit against Prince, who wrote the original I Feel For You.

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