While China's restrictive regime and censorship has Cupertino's digital content services in limbo, India's economical policies are proving to be a stumbling block to selling iPhones and iPads directly.

A senior government official revealed that Apple, like other foreign companies, must sell at least 30% locally sourced goods if it wants to set up shop in India.

CEO Tim Cook himself visited the country to talk to government leaders to expedite its many programs, including setting up an iOS app development center in the country's "startup scene" of Bengaluru.

In order to help promote local trade and products, India instated a regulation that required foreign companies that have stores in the country to have at least 30% of their goods made in India.

The decision hasn't actually been made public yet, hence all the anonymity, so naturally Apple hasn't commented on it yet either.

It will, however, undoubtedly be a huge setback for Apple in its quest to establish a more permanent residence in India.

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