Computers that need 8in floppy disks as large as your head are still required to communicate with US nuclear forces.

A report into the state of the US government, released by congressional investigators, has revealed that the country is spending around $60bn £40.8bn to maintain museum-ready computers, which many do not even know how to operate any more, as their creators retire.

We re not even talking the more modern 3.5in floppy disk that millennials might only know as the save icon.

We re talking the OG 8in floppy, which was a large floppy square with a magnetic disk inside it.

Shockingly, the US Government Accountability Office said: Replacement parts for the system are difficult to find because they are now obsolete.

The Pentagon said it was instigating a full replacement of the ancient machines and while the entire upgrade will take longer, the crucial floppy disks should be gone by the end of next year.

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