It also has hosts scattered across 40 countries around the world.

It s only seeing 300 requests per night in LA, but it s growing fast, with hosted spaces up 150% month-over-month for the past three months since launch.

One big advantage of Overnight is that since rooms aren t openly listed online like with Airbnb, Craigslist, or other home-stay apps, it could work for people trying to rent out rooms on the sly without their landlord knowing.

That s a big deal as Airbnb grows large enough to be monitored by property owners and local governments.

I think it s great that people can control their privacy as long as they abide by their agreements and local laws Co-founder and CEO Asher Hunt tells me.

We re invested in the long-term sustainability of home sharing and though people have seen our privacy aspects as attractive for the reasons you point to, we encourage our hosts to communicate openly with their landlords and again abide by their rental agreements and of course local regulations.

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