Google latest regulatory problem in Europe is a French tax investigation

France has no intentions of backing down on Google taxes, French finance minister Michel Sapin confirmed, after French tax authorities raided the Parisian offices of the Silicon Valley search giant last week.

Analysis of data seized could take years, French financial prosecutor Eliane Houlette told French media.

"We need to analyse the data ... it will take months, I hope that it won't be several years, but we are very limited in resources".

The probe, which was started by tax authorities three or four years ago according to Sapin, comes mere months after Google paid £130m in back taxes to the UK government after a six-year HMRC investigation.

Members of the press outside Google's France office on Tuesday

This increased scrutiny comes amid increasing European pressure on US multinationals to pay more tax, including a separate tax raid on McDonald's French headquarters on May 18 .

Late last year, iPhone giant Apple agreed to pay a €318m back tax settlement to the Italian authorities and Google s Paris office saw a similar tax raid back in 2011. .

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