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For a jet or rocket to be classified as hypersonic, it must travel at five times the speed of sound, or Mach 5.

"You could fly long distances over the Earth very, very quickly.

The Antipode would travel at 24 times the speed of sound

The team plans to run 10 trials on the rocket, which has a supersonic combustion engine that uses oxygen for fuel, making it lighter than traditional rockets.

Boeing and the German space agency are also working on the project with the US and Australian militaries.

Earlier this year a concept design for the Antipode, which could travel from London to New York in just 11 minutes at 12,427 miles per hour, was released.

The X-15, operated by the United States Air Force and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration secured the official world record for the highest speed ever reached by a manned, powered aircraft.

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