Introducing the EVGA Gaming Arena

Over the next few days, we'll be hopping between booths at the Computex 2016 trade show to bring you coverage of all the new products you can expect to see during the coming months.

Before the event begins properly tomorrow, however, EVGA was kind enough to offer us an exclusive first look at something it is rather proud of – its new Gaming Arena in Taipei City, Taiwan, officially opening on Wednesday, June 1.

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From the outside, there's little to see – the Gaming Arena is located in a nondescript office block, and it remains to be seen how well advertised it will be from the outside.

Step inside, however, and you're greeted by a seriously awesome set-up: 31 high-end gaming PCs each sporting a brand new GTX 1080.

A control deck up top has full broadcasting abilities, with integrated lighting and sound decks as well as camera control – every one of the sixteen competitive PCs has its own camera.

EVGA hosted an event for a few hundred gamers over the weekend with competitions in games like Street Fighter to test the waters, and based on exit survey feedback the Gaming Arena does look set to generate some interest, with overall feedback averaging around 9/10 according to EVGA.

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