You try to free it from its evil dictator by any means necessary, using an assortment of grappling hooks, parachutes, and wingsuits.Now Square Enix and Avanlanche Studios have announced a new downloadable content installment that will be out in early June.

It makes for some great destruction and a lot of laughs.We saw a preview of the DLC recently, and we were able to interview Tobias Anderson, the producer of the DLC, about how the team came up with the idea.Here s an edited transcript of our interview.GamesBeat: How long has this been in the making now?Tobias Anderson: The original game came out on December 1.

Having him pilot this amazing war machine is another step in the same vein, I d say.GamesBeat: What can players expect from the rest of this DLC?

You ll have a bit less shielding to start and the enemies are quite powerful.

When you work through the DLC pack, after you re done with that, you ll have a fully upgraded mech.GamesBeat: Have you been able to respond to feedback and things fans have liked in the original game?Anderson: There are always forum reactions, seeing what players really want.

One thing some people enjoyed was just picking things up and stacking them on top of each other.

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