It's still early, but the lack of initial enthusiasm for VR from most AAA studios continues to be a headwind to the technology's potential success.

At the Cowen and Company 44th Annual Technology, Media & Telecom Conference yesterday, the head of the multi-billion-dollar publisher said VR's current $2,000 asking price when you factor in high-powered PC costs and need for a dedicated play space limit the potential for mass appeal.

Electronic Arts CFO Blake Jorgensen said in November that the company would "wait and see how big the market is going to be" before making a big VR push.

Usually, a new platform relies on a system-selling killer app from a first- or second-party developer or a breakout hit from a small independent studio to break this cycle.

It only takes one must-have experience to kickstart hardware sales and thereby attract interest from the more risk-averse major publishers.

Sony claims more than 200 developers are working on PlayStation VR software, and the list includes familiar, big-budget names like Electronic Arts, Square Enix, Bandai Namco, Capcom, Warner Bros. Interactive, and 2K Games a subsidiary of Zelnick's VR-reluctant Take-Two .

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