Set in an abandoned military base, players will have to defend lone survivor Ben named after the winner of the PAX East 2016 tournament from a swarming horde of undead, Square Enix says in the official announcement.

It s not actually you who will be dying, though, but the aforementioned Ben Randomoff as random car guy.

He has not a care in the world but fixing his broken down automobile, and seems completely oblivious to the dozens of zombies moving in to eat his brains.

Its blue-gray finish is certainly enticing, but we suggest you try out the free guns, first.

It s content might be completely different from anything the Hitman series has offered to date, but the level of cheese still feels like a perfect fit for the series.

After all, you can t take these games seriously, nor should you try, when they let you kill a target with an explosive golf ball.

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