the Finnish entrepreneurs to answer in a statement the prime minister Juha sipilä of the petition, that the Finnish entrepreneurs to seize the local agreement on the compromise proposal.

Sipilä said in his blog that the government's compromise proposal does not include employers and employees to organise compulsory and the employer the obligation to make an access agreement from the workers union.

the federation of Finnish Enterprises, according to the competitiveness agreement, the original interpretation would have led to all of the above obligations.

the Workers however, would arise the obligation to organise a certain trade union in order to trust the man at all can be chosen.

These jobs would be created to organise to so can be suitable for of those things which the collective bargaining agreement requires confidence men."

the Finnish entrepreneurs told me he was ready to accept the law as the basis for the model, which, in accordance with the local agreement, the employees representative sopijakumppaniksi accepted trust the man, but also the employment contracts act in accordance with the trust authorized or other personnel selected by the representative.

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