The new phone is a fortified version of the flagship Galaxy S7, and as in years past, is only available from ATSamsung s new Galaxy S7 Active is a toughened-up version of the flagship Galaxy S7 that won t fail if dropped on the ground or in water.

It also has a fingerprint reader, and support for Samsung Pay.

AT Next also provides options to upgrade the handset at certain intervals.

It withstood a six-and-a-half foot two-meter drop to a concrete floor, and there wasn t a scratch on the screen.

It survived unscathed after I dropped it into a vertical, glass-encased, five-foot obstacle course that Samsung set up for demo purposes, featuring steel bars that the phone smashed into on the way down.

It is 9.9-millimeters thick, and slightly longer on the top and bottom, all of which adds to the durability of the handset.

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